Friday, July 25, 2014

Facebook's Share Price Hits The Roof With Wall Street Beating Q2 Results

Yesterday night, before calling it a day, I got a shock when checking my POEMs app that one of the stock that I have micro-holding, Facebook, shoot up 7+% to USD76.74, which is the 52-weeks high. This morning, I noticed that it ends the day with USD74.98 (up 5.17%).
I guess you folks might know that it is due to its Wall Street beating Q2 results (which was released on Wednesday), following are some quick summary of the Q2 results of Facebook :
1. Revenue raised about 60% to USD2.91 Billions (as compared to the same quarter last year)
Facebook - Q2 Revenues
2. Net Income raised about 137% to USD791 millions (as compared to the same quarter last year)
Facebook - Q2 Income
Most of the revenue are from their ads, especially through the mobile channel. It looks like 2014 will be another bumper year for Facebook.
As Facebook is my maiden US Stock which I bought it out of the love towards the platform (I am an Facebook addict ;-)), I am still very happy even my paper profits is negligible.


  1. Actually for US investment, it depends a lot a lot on the USD/SGD. There are many times where the share price increases, but the exchange rate fell, neutralizing whatever gains there may be. It might be wise to convert all to USD or to SGD and compare the value of the underlying, inclusive of the forex so that you can get a clearer picture.

    I don't do a lot of such things anymore. As if it's not hard enough to gauge the share price movements, we still have to take care of exchange risks.

    1. Agreed with you on the foreign exchange risks, that's why I only invest "mirco-ly" only... it's out of love (towards facebook ;-)). Having said that, the intra-day volatility for US stock is really crazy...the spread is very big... ;-)

      Yup, I do convert all to SGD when doing comparison and consistent currency tracking.


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