Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Last 8 Of World Cup 2014 : 4 Blue Chips, 3 Mid-caps And 1 Penny Stock Are Fighting For the Honor!

World Cup 2014
Finally, we are left with the last 8 teams in the World Cup 2014 (Brazil)!
The other piece of good news is that we can finally have a 2 days break from the World Cup before the quarter-finals. Since this is an investment blog, I am trying my best to create some investment analogy to the last 8 teams (hence, the blue chips, mid-caps and penny stocks).
I am basing on the FIFA World Rankings 2014 to classify each team into their corresponding categories i.e. :
Blue Chips      = FIFA World Rankings #1 to #10
Mid-Caps        = FIFA World Rankings #11 to #20
Penny Stocks  = FIFA World Rankings #21 and above
Following are the last 8 teams being grouped according to their categories (number inside brackets are their corresponding world rankings) :
Blue Chips     : Germany (2) ; Brazil (3) ; Argentina (5) ; Columbia (8)
Mid-caps        : Belgium (11) ; Netherlands (15) ; France (17)
Penny Stocks : Costa Rica (28)  
Of course, just like the stock market, it doesn't means that all blue chips can withstand the test of time, just take the following 6 teams for example: 
1. Spain           (#1)
2. Portugal       (#4)
3. Switzerland (#6)
4. Uruguay      (#7)
5. Italy             (#9)
6. England       (#10)
Number 1 is the real shocker but it is also the absolute reason why soccer is the most beautiful sport in the world (also known as "ball is round" in local context). If you are betting on the World Cup (I know many of you do, just for the fun and excitement when watching the games), I guess you already know that there is no such thing as "sure win" ("bao jiak" in Hokkien term)! Many a time, lady luck still play a big part in it. It is synonymous to investing in stocks. Do you agree with me?  
Oh, by the way, following are the upcoming 4 Quarter-Finals matches :

1. France VS Germany  (5th July, Sat 12 AM, Singapore Time)
2. Brazil VS Colombia  (5th July, Sat 4 AM, Singapore Time)
3. Argentina VS Belgium (6th July, Sun 12AM, Singapore Time)
4. Netherlands VS Costa Rica (6th July, Sun 4AM, Singapore Time)

And following are the Semi-Finals matches :

1. [Brazil or Colombia] VS [France or Germany] (9th Jul, Wed 4AM, Singapore Time)
2. [Netherlands or Costa Rica] VS [Argentina or Belgium] (10th Jul, Thu 4AM, Singapore Time)

With the above schedule, which two teams do you think will be facing-off each other in the World Cup 2014 Finals on 14th Jul, Mon 3AM Singapore Time? My prediction is Brazil VS Netherlands. What's yours?

Finally, for those who are interested to know which are the top 20 teams in the FIFA World Rankings 2014, here is the list :



  1. I'll take Argentina to triump for this ;)

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