Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Medishield Life - 2 Reasons Why I Will Still Stick To My Integrated Shield Plan

Medishield Life
I believed the hottest National Healthcare news at the moment here in Singapore is non other than the upcoming revamp of Medishield, into Medishield Life (in End 2015).
Personally, I've just bought my integrated shield plan late last year. While pending for my insurer to review and let us know whether there is any change to their portion's benefits/premiums (i.e. excluding the Medishield Life portion), for the time being, I am taking a stand of sticking to my Integrated plan for the following 2 reasons :
1. Letter Of Guarantee Feature - In case you don't know, usually when we admitted to hospitals, we are requires to pay a deposit unless we can produce a Letter Of Guarantee from the company or insurer for the waiver of deposit. I've just counter checked my insurance contract, my plan do provide this feature which is important when comes to dire situation.
2. Even though Medishield Life has enhanced their coverage in a big scale but there are still some inner limits (e.g. Surgical Fee, Room And Board etc...) which are pegged to Class B2 Wards. I believed these gaps will be able to be filled by my integrated plan, if I choose to stay in a higher wards (by choice or situational e.g. due to not enough bed in B2 ward).
Of course, it is still too early to say anything now, I will make my final decision until I received the revised plan feature from my insurer. If there is anything that will cause me to change my mind is the future premiums (health insurance premium will increase with age).
What is your view about Medishield Life and what would you do to your Integrated Plan (if you have one)?


  1. Hi Richard,
    Let me add on a little more.
    Letter Of Guarantee, LOG Feature is only valid for people who bought the policy after 1 year and for those who have a standard case and not sub-standard case (those who have exclusion) and up to 10k.
    And LOG is only waived off the deposit upon admission and hospitals have the right to ask patients to pay full discharge bills as per hospital's practice.

    1. Hi mmlmoney, thanks for the additional comment. I am not sure whether this is a standard industry practice (but I know at least one insurer practice that). Yes, these are the fine-print of the LOG but I believed it is still relevant to majority ;-)


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