Thursday, July 3, 2014

No More $10,000 Bank Notes But Who Really Care?

10k dollar notes Singapore
According to an announcement from MAS (Monetary Authority Of Singapore) yesterday, it will stop producing the $10,000, though those already in circulation will remain legal tender indefinitely. Citing it as a way to curb the risks associated with large value cash transactions and high-value notes. 

Let's face it! At the current age of e-everything, physical banknotes might be a passe sooner or later (ok, maybe not so soon), but such an high value banknote is definitely rarely in use. In fact, even the $1,000 notes are hardly seen. I guess probably the only establishment might oppose to it is Casino?! ;-) 

Personally haven't seen a real physical $10,000 banknote and definitely don't see this development will have any impact to our lives at all. By the way, do you know that the largest US banknote value is only USD 100? 


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