Monday, July 14, 2014

We All Should Invest The NANTA Way!

Yesterday, went for the last musical show of Nanta (Cookin') at Resort World Sentosa (Singpore). In case you don't know, Nanta is the number 1 non-verbal musical performance from South Korea and after watching the show, I can understand why. This is one of the musical that I clapped my hands so hard that it hurts!  
So, why is Nanta related to investing? Let me explain...
Nanta is not a plain vanilla musical, it incorporated a whole lot of many different elements into the non-stop one-hour-thirty minutes show. Let me try to recount some of the more prominent ones :
a. When the show starts, it cleverly "telling" the plot of the musical through panel screens and get audience's participation (like clapping hands, cheering etc..) without a single words.
b. The acrobatic cooking moves involving the real vegetables, meats and kitchen utensils, gas and fire etc.. expect a very messy theatre and lots of chopping...
c. The acrobatics non-cooking moves involving flying plates, bandltantz (彩带舞) and drumming.
d. Magic show (even though a small part of it only) 
e. Skit involving dustbin, brooms and knives etc... 
Still catch no ball on its connection with Investing right? ;-) The key word here is VARIETY or DIVERSIFICATION (in investing term). I truly believed that one of the key reason for Nanta to be so successful is due to this keyword.
I know, I know, it is kind of common sense (i.e. to diversify in investing) but no harm reminding myself openly again right? ;-)


  1. Kind of stretching it ... *grin*

  2. Lizards, indeed! I am stretching it big time.... *grin grin*

    Nowadays, I can relate most things in life to investing ;-)


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