Thursday, July 31, 2014

When Times In Need, Your Personal Assets Can Be Your Capital

Starting your own business could be the aspiration of many, especially the younger generation nowadays. No doubt, it is a very fulfilling undertaking (if successful) and could also cause many sleepless nights, especially when facing with cash-flow challenges.

To ensure sustainability of a business (big or small), one of the minimum requirements is to ensure that there is a sufficient and regular flow of blood stream (a.k.a capital) for the business operation or expansion. This is even more critical for small businesses when the options of obtaining additional capitals/funds are usually limited.

Fret not! Besides the usual option of getting a loan from banks or financial institutions, thanks to the advent of Internet, you can now turn your personal valuable assets (e.g. jewelry or diamonds, luxury watches, luxury handbag, fine wine, cars etc.) into capitals quicker than you think it is possible. One such establishment that I would like to share here is Borro (from New York City). 

The key feature of Borro’s loan service is “No credit checks”, which I believed will be the most salient feature for many small business owners. Also, with its simple and fast appraisal process, they offer a viable solution for irregular/seasonal businesses with cash flow challenges. 

Borro also provides a unique “Sales Advance Loan” service for those customers whom decided to sell their assets. In short, Borro will give you the funds in advance while managing the sales on your behalf. Also, leveraging on its relationship with the auction houses, customers can expect to maximize their sales returns. 

Not only that, Borro has a wide network of partners that serve all 50 states in the USA. Hence, it brings the service closer to you. That explains why their services have been used by many. 

Last but not least, just like to end this post by sharing a video on how appraisals are being done at Borro:

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