Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wow! I didn't Expect These When Creating This Blog!

After slightly more than 4 months, 213 posts (including this one) and 250 comments later, I am doing a mini recap of what I would be missing if not because of this blog. When I kick-off this blog 4 months ago, my main intention is to share my mini stock investing journey as a late comer.
Ok, ok, there is another side-objective of creating possible "passive" income stream through online advertisement placements ;-) (the latter is too negligible to talk about at the moment though).
Besides the financial knowledge that I've gained from reading the liked-minded bloggers' blogs and interacting through commenting on each other's posts, following are some pleasant surprises that are beyond my imagination when I started the blog:
1. Get to know and meet three peer investors-bloggers whom are in the field much longer and  successful than me, much to learn from them in the future. They are Christopher Ng (from Growing Your Tree Of Prosperity Blog), Desmond (from Passive Income Builder Blog) and a little boy (from Little Boy Investment blog) 
2. Invited to attend the Value Investing Mastery Course by Alvin of Big Fat Purse. (see my review of the course here, if you have not already done so ;-))
3. Get to know a little bit more of the investing journey from at least 15 peer investors/bloggers through my Interview Series   
Life is full of surprises and let us be more open-minded in accepting/dealing with them as possibility is ENDLESS.
What pleasant surprises have you gained from your blog (besides money and knowledge)?


  1. I am surprised we have grown-up kid so happy with his new toy here.


    1. CW8888, hahaha, I am a simple man and easily contented one... ;-)

  2. The best thing that happens to me is I get to know really knowledgable folks whom I keep in touch and discuss investment opportunities via whatsapp but do not actuslly know them face to face.

    The online world we have become and soon the internet of things is going to take over this world ;)

    1. Very true.. In fact, the internet world is already taking over our world already..;-)

      One day must catch up with you through Whatsapp too ;-)


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