Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 Types Of Personal Finance Bloggers In Singapore

After close to five months of creating this Personal Finance blog and read quite regularly quite a number of peer retail investors' blogs, it is amazing to encounter various types of bloggers here. So, I thought it would be fun just to do a personal summary here. ;-)

Following are the 5 types of personal finance bloggers that I've encountered so far:

1. The Friendly Ones : Very helpful and interactive types, like to comment on each other's blogs and provide useful advice to the newbies.

2. The "Secretive" Ones : Those whose identity like to be kept as secret and remain as low profile as possible. 

3. The Super-Detailed Ones : Those like to blog super detailed analysis of their view/comments. Mind you, this kind usually got "liao" ones ;-)

4. The Sharp-And-Sweet Ones : Like to keep their posts short and sweet and like to comment short short too. 

5. The Seasoned Ones - These are the "lao Jiao" (old bird in Hokkien) and usually got tons of followers/fans

Of course, the above categories are not mutually exclusive. Personally, I think I am belonging to categories #1 and #4. What about you? ;-)



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