Sunday, August 17, 2014

Amazing Entrepreneur Raised $2 millions with NOTHING!

Yesterday, I read an online article from about an entrepreneur named Italy Adam managed to raise $2 millions fund from his 5-slides presentation about NOTHING! 

No Business Model!

No Product!

So, what is he up to? He is still looking for "The Next Big Thing", whatever it may be but he has already gathered a team of 6 (all are veteran with proven track record for online start-up). In short, he has his team (they called it BetaPopcorn) are all ready to go and what is missing now is the bright idea. 

Following is the 5-slides presentation that worth $2 millions fund :

I am sure he has some kind of flair or proven record to convince his investor(s) to part with their money. Having said that $2 millions is not a small sum and personally think that it is even bigger risk than investing in say, property or stocks. For the latter, at least we know what we are in it for. Oh, maybe that's why I can never be a real investor! ;-)

What do you think?



  1. He must be the best presenter on earth.

    SG Wealth Builder


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