Monday, August 11, 2014

Dividend Investing Is Like Watching Perseids Meteor Shower

Perseids Meteor Shower
If you do the Googling today, you will noticed that Google has an animated doodle on Perseid Meteor Shower to celebrate the upcoming peak of the meteor shower. The Perseid Meteor shower is active between mid-July to end-August and usually peak at 12 to 13 August.
Coincidentally, I've watched the latest episode of the new Hong Kong drama series, Black Heart White Soul (忠奸人), there was also a scene on watching the meteor shower. I am not sure whether this is a plain coincident or a pre-planned by the broadcasters to show the episode at the exact active period !? Actually, it doesn't really matter.
The reason why I relate watching Perseids Meteor Shower to Dividend Investing is because:
1. You (the dividend investor) are getting pretty excited when come closer to the active period (aka the dividend distribution period).
2. Like dividend distribution, the meteor shower happens at fixed internal (annually in this case). At times, we can see it more clearly (i.e. better dividend yield) and other times, it will just be a very short glimpse (i.e. poorer dividend yield).
3. When the meteor shower happens, only those who are prepared or lucky enough (i.e. those invested in the company for the dividend investing) can see it.
4. When the meteor shower ends, most of the time we will goes "Huh? Like that only ah?" There is always gap between expectation and delivery.
So, would you be trying your luck this year to have a peep at Perseids Meteor Shower (I meant Dividend Investing too)? ;-)


  1. Unrealized capital gains or losses are like watching what?

    1. Like watching the reading in the BP monitoring machine (those self-help type), you know your reading might be bad (losses) or good (profits), but it is not for sure until you get it check by the doctor/nurse ;-p

  2. Worse is, after the meteor shower, the sky falls down on you. Aka huge sell off. Ie: suntec.

    1. Eye White Shut : hahaha.. Wait for another year of meteor shower then.. Lol

  3. Only excited every quarter leh... can excited every month better still hehehe

    1. B : wah! Every quarter not bad Liao lor, some only every year lol


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