Saturday, August 16, 2014

English Premier League Is On Its Way, Do You Think It Will Affect Next Monday's Market? LOL

Premier League 2014/15
In Singapore, soccer (the British one) is the hottest sports around. Besides the World Cup, which ended a month plus ago, the next closer competition that will raise the fever pitch is English Premier League. So, the ardent fans of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City etc.. will glue to their TV, PC, Laptop or even smart mobile devices during the weekend matches. Some will be out at the bar, club or restaurants that provide telecasts for a greater atmosphere. 

In less than 2 hours time (by the time you read this post, it might be already over), the first match of the season : Manchester United vs Swansea City will be kicked off at 7.45pm (Singapore Time).

I believed there will be many punters here going to bet in Singapore Pool or other means. So, the question is : Do you think the stock market will be affected next week (especially Monday)? I know, it might be a bit far fetch as it would not be as huge as the World Cup and the timing of the Premier League matches are more palatable. Also, it would be a year long competition (unlike World Cup which is only one month long). 

Personally, I think the local stock market on next Monday (18/08/2014) will be ended flat (but the Premier League kick-off might not have anything to do with it).



  1. Hi Richar

    Its still early days. Nearer to the season thats when the betting peaks ;)

    1. B : True, the season is still long way to go, but to some hardcore punter, it has been a long wait... ;-)


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