Tuesday, August 5, 2014

For The Bookworms, It Is Time To Save Some Money On Books

Kinokuniya Singapore promotion
First, like to qualify that this post has nothing to do with investing but everything to do with your personal finance, specifically on your expenses.
If you are a bookworm and like to buy physical books/magazines, don't miss the upcoming fantastic promotion from Kinokuniya Singapore Stores.
For all customers                                  : 20% off
For Kinokuniya Singapore Members : 25% off
(as a long time member, this is the best offer from Kinokuniya thus far)
Promotion Date : 7th August (Thu) to 11th August (Mon) 
So, fellow bookworms, it's about time to make a killing ;-)
P/S: It may sound promotional but this is not a sponsored post, just sharing the good stuff!

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