Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hidden Message Of My National Day "Poem"


Feeling patriotic on this Special Day of being Singaporean (even though an half-way converted one), written a simple "poems" (it is with quotation marks as I am not sure whether it is a poems or just some sentence with random thought) ;-)

In any case, there are two hidden message that I would like to share with the reader within this "poems" of mine. The first one is very obvious but it also covered with it a second hidden message. Can you get it? ;-)

Singapore 49th National Day
Singapore's 49th Birthday
Last but not least, wish all the peer investors and readers here have a prosperous and healthy years ahead...



  1. Hi Richard,


    I wonder if that's a third hidden message, a hidden message within the hidden message. Maybe you purposely left out the A in SINGAPORE. But what does A stands for?

    Apathy? A singapore without apathy is not such a bad idea.

    Atrophy? A singapore with less chaos and more order sounds good too.

    Alpha? A singapore without it's alpha leader? you're treading on dangerous grounds...


    1. Hi Butterfly, you got it right both the statement and the missing A! In fact, there is no special meaning towards the character A, but like to share that, in life, imperfection (the missing A in this case) is unavoidable but theimportant thing that we understanding the meaning (of life and the message) ;-) A bit far fetch right? Hehe


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