Friday, August 22, 2014

Let's Face It! Whatever We Do, There Sure To Be Differing View!

Recently, I've written a post about ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the potential reason why it went so viral. Personally, I am supportive of the movement, in fact, I've just been challenged and about to do it myself over the weekend too ;-)
With such huge success in their movement, I've seen saw quite a number of people oppose to it citing about wasting of water and ice. Personally, think that such people are just "吹毛求疵" (Chinese Idioms), simply means : to find fault.
Just like in investing, whichever strategy we adopt (Value Investing, Dividend Investing, Growth Investing or Index Investing), there are bound to be opposing view. No right, no wrong, just differing view. Having said that, it doesn't means that they don't work, it just means that different people has different perception or experience with the strategy and hence have different take.
So, next time when you are looking for any strategy to apply (not necessary investment related), don't try to ask others whether it works or not (as their response is irrelevant to your own experience later). What you should do instead is to ask yourself whether YOU believe in the strategy or not! When you are believing in something, you will make sure it works, ultimately (even though you might failed at the beginning).
What do you think?


  1. In the stock market, there are buyers and sellers to complete the transactions.

    Someone has to be wrong to provide lunch to the others.

    Not you? Not he or she? then must be me!

    tio bo?

    All are welcome to the stock market!

  2. Cw8888 : tam po bo tio ler! Different people go in and come out at different time.. So it could be win-win or lose-lose ie not necessary win-lose ;-p


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