Sunday, August 31, 2014

Looking Forward To Financial Mastery 2014 Seminar

Financial Mastery 2014 Ticket
In about 6 days' time, will be attending the 2-days Financial Mastery 2014 seminar with a peer retail investor (Mr Lim). I've received the entrance ticket early this week and am looking forward to attend this "action-packed" 2-days seminar. 

It is important to set some prior expectation when attending any course/seminar (even though it is a complimentary one for this case, but our time is also money right?). As this is a 2-days seminar and expected to cover quite a wide spread of topics, to be specific, following are the topics to be covered (extracted from the Financial Mastery 2014 official site):

1. The Psychology of wealth
2. Strategies for Financial Freedom
3. High Profits Investing Approach
4. Advantage Commodities
5. Market Cycles, Cyclicals and Cynicals 
6. Beginners guide to create an online presence and getting handsomely for it on autopilot
7. Wealth Profiling : Improving you business sustainability and wealth generation through Chinese Metaphysics
8. Forex-trading as recession proof business

For more details of these coverage, click here!

Personally, this will just be my learning or knowledge grabbing phase. I am not expecting it to have immediate impact/change to my current investing philosophy (which is focusing on Fundamental Analysis and Capital gain). 

So, in summary, will try to learn as many strategies/tactics from the seminar as possible and review them whether it fits my preference/style or not. I am fully aware that investing is not one-size fits all kind of game. 

If you are attending the seminar next weekend and would like to say hello to me, feel free to email me at and we can get in touch during the seminar.  



  1. I used to sit at the front row for such free seminars. Once I was caught on photo and appeared in the subsequent year Ads for the same seminar.

    Know where to sit and remember to ask more questions. Photographers may take aim at you.


    1. Cw8888 : no lar, I am quiet quiet type, so will not ask many questions one, rather keep a low profile lol


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