Monday, August 25, 2014

Never Underestimate The Reach Of Our Humble Blog

Yesterday, I've written a short review of an article ("Investing is a bit of a gamble") written by Melissa Tan in The Sunday Times (click here to see my earlier post). Today, I am surprised and thrilled to receive a thank you email directly from her. Apparently, he colleague saw my review and alerted her and hence her thank you note. 

Pleasant surprise never failed to put a smile on my face (for that matter, on any one's face). This bring me to the topic of this post : never underestimate the reach of what we have written online (be it on our blog or social networking sites). Of course, same thing is true if we have written something sensitive or less desirable, the speed of backfiring could be fast and furious too. 

In fact, I encourage anyone who can write simple language (be it English or Chinese) to own a blog and start to share something that they are passionate about. For a start, it might seems uneasy but once you've established your online voice and presence, it is a very powerful online community to get into.

For me, I owned a couple of blogs, what triggered me to blog is because I like to read and write, hence I wanted to create my own online voice in the fields of my interest (personal finance and movies). What about you?



  1. Thank for agreeing?

    No thanks to disgreeing?


    1. Cw8888, uncle wei, your comment getting cheemer by day! Lol

  2. Wah nice of her to do that.

    Your blog will be famous soon!! :)

    1. B : no lar, still long way to go..just to share my glimpse of satisfaction ;-)


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