Saturday, August 23, 2014

What Is The Flip-Side Of Financial Freedom, if any?

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Today is kind of hot here in Singapore and hence just like to release some steam in my blog. This post is not directly related to investing but everything to do with the money (which is also the ultimate goal of investing).

I believed one of the main reason for us (professional or retail investors) to get into the game is with the aim to accumulate wealth and make our money work harder for us and hopefully one day we can achieve the holy grail of Financial Freedom. Of course, this is a noble objective and as long as we are not becoming the "slave" to the pure wealth/money. 

I've read quite a number of financial bloggers here blogging about their achievement and road to "financial freedom", I am truly happy for those who have achieved Financial Freedom. Of course, the flip-side of the question is : at what cost!? I am sure they have went through some rigorous belt-tightening measures and save enough for the investment (I ruled out those received windfall through legacy or 4D/Toto etc...). 

For some extreme cases, it is a "struggle" to reach the Financial Freedom, then, the flip-side of the question is : is this worthwhile i.e. is it the kind of life you want to live until your last breath (as I don't believe they will change their life style after achieving Financial Freedom)? 

Don't get me wrong, I still think that it is important to achieve some stage of financial freedom so that money can be one last thing that we are worry about in our life. However, it is also important to know what we want in life (besides financial freedom) and trying to achieve it concurrently and not sacrificing it just purely because you want to achieve financial freedom. 



  1. Once our money works harder for us then we can afford to loosen our saving effort and spend more. It will be sad to tighten our belt and sacrificing all the way to financial independence as tomorrow may never come.

    1. Read? Investing Lessons From Conversation With Uncle8888 (1)

      Once we understand human asset, financial assets, cash flow and wealth formula. It is not about keep squeezing ourselves harder to save more and invest more. It is more about investing well and letting the financial assets compounding themselves to supplement our human asset to the road of financial independence.

    2. CW8888 : agreed with you and that's exactly what I am talking about ie is the sacrifices well worth or not.. Life is short, anyway! ;-)

    3. Read your earlier post provided. Like the KNS section that created by you! Very Singaporean Style lol

  2. The road to financial freedom is the journey not a destination. Along the way, we learn to be a better person embracing core values of being kinder, being considerate, being disclipined, humble etc. The pot of gold at the end of the journey adds as a sweetener of being financially free. There should be no pressure to measure up to the person next to you. Why bother comparing in life? Be happy on your own terms, all the best in your journey!

    1. Hi Marinabay Avillion, Thanks for dropping by and comment. Totally agreed with you that it is the journey that is more important than the destination. This post is not to compare, just to explore the potential flip-side of the pure term of financial freedom i.e. not to sacrifice too much of our life (journey) just to achieve the financial freedom.. Ultimately when we achieve it, it might be too late to enjoy the fruits ;-P


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