Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who Doesn't Want One-For-One Offers?

The Entertainer App
In managing personal finance, there are mainly two contributing factors, the incoming fund and the outgoing fund. While stock investment is trying the boost our incoming fund, we also need to be vigilant about our outgoing fund (i.e. our expenses). 

Yesterday, I was invited to a private event (at Pelican Seafood Bar and Grills) for the promotion of a mobile app that provide nothing but One-For-One offers (for dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel outlets) - The Entertainer. So, I thought some of my readers here might be interested to look at way to cut down their expenses (especially on food)! Who doesn't? 

The Entertainer's model is very simple, they provide just One-For-One offers with hundreds of their partners here in Singapore. Instead of repeat what I've written in another blog, if you are interested to know more, check out my post here.


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