Thursday, September 25, 2014

DuckDuckGo - Small Search Engine That Might Go Big!

DuckDuckGo Search Engine
When come to Search Engine, I am sure most of the time we will think of Google, Yahoo or Bing. In fact, there are many more other search engines (big and small) around and some of designed to cater for specific searches like gif, photos etc...
If you are an iPhone/iPad users and already upgraded to iOS 8 and adventurous enough, I believed you will notice that you can now choose DuckDuckGo as your default search. This is the site that I am going to share today, even though it is not directly related to investing or personal finance but I am sure it is beneficial to Value Investors whom like to search for relevant news/reports.
First, let me share a bit of the background of DuckDuckGo, it was a small startup with not many employees that founded in 2008, in 2011, it has an average 1.5 millions visits per day. So what is its strength and why it stands out among the other smaller Search Engines?
Here are my take :
1. It is Privacy Respecting search engine i.e. it keep searches and information private, and it pledges not to pass along these information to increase advertising.
2. It is focus on delivering BEST results (i.e. more relevant ones) instead of MOST results.
3. The UI (User Interface) is very clean (as compared to the giants like Google, Yahoo etc..)
At the moment, there is less than 10% of the online users aware of this search engine but with the recent inclusion in iOS 8, its market share might changed, sooner rather than later.
Just did a trial to search "Value Investing" in DuckDuckGo and here is the result:
DuckDuckGo Search Engine
DuckDuckGo search result for "Value Investing"
So, go ahead and give this ducky a try and you might find relevant information that you can't find from other search engines.

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