Thursday, September 11, 2014

How Will Your "Future You" Thank You?

This morning, when I walked passed a bus stop, the tag-line of one of the NTUC Income's advertisement caught my eyes, it says something like "How Will Your Future You Thank You?". The message is clear! What are we doing now will determine how our future will thank or hate us, depending on where we are then.
This applies to how we invest our time/effort in our education, health (mental and physical), spiritual well being etc.. Same thing is true if we are wasting our live away now (like partying all night long), the weaken "future you" might be strangling you (as depicted in one of the advertisement banner).
Take stock investment (or any other kind of investment) for example, we aim to gain an extra income stream (through capital or dividend earnings) so that we are relying less on our active income to sustain our future lifestyle. If we achieve our objective, the "future us" will thanks us, else, at least we have tried.   
To me, we should invest on ourselves in the following areas so that it will increase the chance of the "future us" thanking the "current us":
a. Education - This is on top of the formal education
b. Health - What's all the wealth for if you have no health?
c. Wealth - The moolah and anything that can directly or indirectly convertible to money.
d. Mindset - Without a positive and optimistic mind-set, we will suffer most of the time, at least mentally.  
Having said that, future is in non-existence until we get pass today (now). Hence, it is equally important to treat ourselves well and enjoy every bit of live wherever possible.


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