Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Infographic - 6 Key Points You Need To Know About The Upcoming Board Lot Size Changes

As per my earlier post and the motivating comments That I've received from you folks, here I am, developing my very first Infographic related to the local Personal Finance arena.
Being a Shares Investment blog, I thought it is only right for my maiden Infographic to be related to Shares Investment. Hence, I've picked the theme of the upcoming important changes to the local stock market : Reduction of the Board Lot Size (2015).    
Here you go!
[Note : If the image is deemed too small, do consider save it to your local drive and enlarge it for better viewing]

This being my first, I hope to receive feedback (positive or negative) from you folks on area that I've done right and more importantly the area that I can improve on in my future infographics. Thank you in advanced.



  1. Hi Richard,

    I fire first salvo of friendly poke :)

    This is not infogram - it's powerpoint slides. Having fancy pictures at the background of the slides does not make it an infogram. An infogram should ideally convey maybe 80% of the information visually through diagrams, and 20% text. But you seem to have got it reversed ;) Oops

    1. Hi LP, thanks for dropping by and comment..maybe you are right, technically this should not be termed as infographic! Thanks for the input, will make a better one next time ;-)


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