Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jack Ma's Alibaba made IPO history in US stock Market


Just back from my usual weekend soccer game and waiting for wife for the lunch. While I've some time to spent, just like to share a breaking news that you might probably knew.

Jack Ma's Alibaba made history in the US stock market by becoming the biggest IPO launch thus far. Raised about $21.3 billions via IPO. On its first day of trading yesterday, it hits the roof by closing 38% higher at $93.89. Without a doubt, Jack Ma is the wealthiest person in China now.

Personally, I didn't manage to tap on this one of a lifetime opportunity, what about you? Valued at $231 billions at the moment, I foresee that it still has potential to go further up. Take Amazon as a comparison (which has similar eCommerce business model), it was last traded at $331.32.

What do you think?

ALIBABA - it has truly transforming from a fairy tale for kid to fairy tale for adult!


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