Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Open Review Of Financial Mastery 2014

Financial Mastery 2014
I've just spent two full days over the weekend with another peer investor (let's call him Mr KL) attending the Financial Mastery 2014 seminar (at Singapore Expo). As promised, I will write a review after the event. 

There are 6 well known speakers in the event (Adam Khoo, Fabian Lim and Patrick Liew just to name a few). Of course, they are the gurus that have mastered the skills and successes in their respective fields. The seminar is basically an awareness event to share with the participants about the many roads (Stocks, Real Estates, Reits, Commodities, Online Business, Forex etc..) that lead to Rome (Financial Freedom or Lifestyle Freedom as some of the speakers called it). 

Out of the six speakers, I am especially impressed by Adam Khoo and Patrick Liew. For Adam, he has shared his 10 rules and his "kindle garden skill" of looking at Up Trend and Down Trend (by using 50 and 150 Moving Average indicators) in picking the right stocks which is quite useful. As for Patrick, I must say that he is the most entertaining speaker over the two days and he really get me more interested in Real Estate investment. 

Of course, by just attending this two-days seminar, there is no way near that you can start charting your road to Rome (Financial Freedom). In fact, the information shared are just the tip of the iceberg (maybe less than 1% of the actual stuff) that form the introductory information for the actual course/workshops that the speakers are offering. Yes, do expect related courses/workshops promotion/offers (in a non hard sell way).

Financial Seminar 2014
Fabian Lim with two of his husband-wife students
Maybe I've already obtained quite a lot of similar information/knowledge online and/or offline, hence, sadly, the knowledge/information that I've obtained over these 2 days is not as much as I originally anticipated. So, from CBA (Cost-Benefits Analysis) perspective, it might not be an winning option but to the minimum, I get to know one more peer investor friend (Mr KL), that is priceless! ;-)

In summary, this event is probably suitable for those newbies who wanted to open their mind and understand more options (choices) that they have before venturing into creating the passive income streams. Another group of participants can benefited from the seminar are those potential candidates whom already aware of the respective speaker's courses/workshop and wanted to take advantage of the promotional price which was only offered during the event.  

That's all from me...If you've attended the same seminar, do share with us your review at the comment section below. 



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    1. CW8888 : Nope.. Have you signed-up any previously? What is your takes after attended these courses (if any)?

    2. Finally one day, the "Guru" got me despite me being very cautious. LOL!

      Read? Get Rich Courses or Coaching? - II

    3. CW8888 : I get what you meant, at least it is a lesson learnt! ;-)


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