Monday, September 15, 2014

One Non-Investment Related Event That Made My Heart Pumping Faster

Life is not about Investment alone! Hence, today I am going to share one other hobby (or interest) of mine that never fail to make my heart pumping faster when watching them in action. If you are a soccer fan and has your own supported club, I am sure you know what I meant.
First, I would like to openly announce that I am a Manchester United fan (or we like to call ourselves Red Devil fans). However, rest assure that I am a reasonable and rational one, so if you are not a Manchester United fan, don't boycott my blog ok? hehe
Last night, I witnessed the rebirth of Manchester United by beating Queen Park Rangers 4-0 at home. I really hope this is just the beginning, like what the new Manager, Louis van Gaal said after the match. We have been through a bad patch for the past season and it is about time to rebound. Oh yes, my heart is pumping faster when watching them play
Come and think of it, actually there is a matching connotation with Value Investing. Manchester United is like a "discounted" blue chip for the past season, for a strong blue chip, it is a matter of time the stock price (I means the performance) will recover with time.


  1. The problem with this 'stock' is the loss of their CEO. One wonders whether the new CEO will consistently deliver. The issue also rests with the quality of its assets. Do they perform optimally all the time, or peak and trough? High volatility in their revenue generation is undesirable.

    [random thoughts]

    1. Lizardo, great thought! For the CEO, with his track record, I have faith with him. As for the assets, we have recently acquired a number of world class assets and they are look promising from yesterday's non ordinary AGM! ;-p


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