Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singapore Stock Market - Is It The Start Of The Downward Trend?

STI Singapore Stock Market
Yesterday, Singapore's STI down about 1% (33 points). As at this afternoon (16th Sep), STI down about 24 points and went below the 3,300 line to 3,287.65. Is it a sign of the beginning of the downward trend?
Of course, no one know for sure but as per what I've answered one of the prominent blogger's (Ah Tom) interview question, I foresee that Singapore's stock market will be weak for the next few months (just my personal view).
So, for those who have kept their war chest tightly under your pillow or multi-layered-secured safe, it might be time for them to see the light again...soon,...maybe..! ;-)

"When others are fearful, be greedy ; when others are greedy, be fearful!"



  1. Interesting.

    Hope STI will fall to 3000 so we can have a nimble finally :)

    1. B, indeed! It is even worst today, it closed lower by more than 1 % i.e. dropped a whooping 39.85 points. Last standing at 3,272.62... still a distance to your 3k level ;-)

  2. there are two sides to a coin; one is winning and another losing.

    the one winning, good for you.

    the one losing, l am hoping it is extra funds one can afford to lose.
    otherwise, l am hoping that the loses is not affecting the well being of their loved ones.

  3. market fluctuation is not a big issue if some time trend is down so it will going up definitely for make good profit with more stocks & shares follow live Singapore stock recommendations on daily basis 

    1. Jessie, Thanks for dropping by and comment. Can't agree more with you that market fluctuation is here to stay...


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