Sunday, September 14, 2014

Top 4 Traffic Source Of My Blog [List]

I have decided to create another blog series called "Top x List" (on top of my "Interview With Fellow Investors" series which is still running). The purpose of this blog series is to share some of my top lists that related to personal finance and blogging. The reason I use "x" is because depending on the scope, the numbers varied. 

For a start, I am sharing something related to traffic sources of my blog. I am of the view that the main purpose of us taking our time to blog is to share our stories/experiences/views with as many liked minded peers (stock investors and/or bloggers in this case) as possible. Hence the more the merrier. Hence, if you are also an investor-cum-blogger and are looking for additional traffic sources, hope this is of help to you. 

Here you go...

Top 4 Traffic Source Of My Blog :

1. The Finance - Without a doubt, this is Singapore's most popular Personal Finance Blog Aggregator, more than 60% of my readers are through The Finance. Also, most readers are targeted too. 

2. SG Investment Bloggers - Another local Investment Blogs aggregator. 

3. Social Media - Mostly from my Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn Accounts

4. Blog Commenting - Means I visited other bloggers' blogs and in turn they pay me a visit back. I especially like such interaction with the peers. 

Of course, the best source is from Search Engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo etc..). of course, more works are required to be at the top of the search result.  

If you are also a blogger, what is your top traffic sources?


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