Sunday, September 14, 2014

[VIDEO] One Cool Tip To Improve Your Speed Of Reading Immediately

Speed Reading
I am avid reader and I believed most of you folks are too. I read anything comes to sight, ranging from novel to Annual Reports. The problem is, I tend to read slowly and it usually took me a few weeks to complete a book (the usual 200 - 300 pages type).

Recently, I chanced upon a video (from Kwik Learning) about speed reading. From this 40 plus minutes video, I learned that we can simply improve our speed of reading by using our finger. Yup, finger...

How? To find out more, check out the video below (I encourage you watch it from start but if you just wanted to fast forward to "how to use your finger to help you improve on your speed of reading, you can go straight to 20th minute of the clip) :

From the video, we also learned the following obstacles of speed reading :

1. Lack of education - speed reading is not born but learn
2. Lack of focus -  without focusing and paying attention, we can't move fast enough
3. Sub-vocalization - I falls for this most of the time i.e. I literally read it inside my mind
4. Regression - I falls for this often too i.e. I tends to go back and re-read some paragraph/page. 
5. Believes - If you believe you can, you can! If you believe you can't, you can't! Either way is true.   

In fact, the most popular Value Investing guru of our time, Warren Buffett has said this : "I’ve probably wasted ten years reading slowly" in one of the interview.

From now on, I will try to use my eye and finger to read... Hope I can cover more blogs, financial news and annual reports with the same amount of time ;-)



  1. More importantly read what you like.... you can probably digest better ...

    1. Rolf : that might help but at times we need to expose to some alien topics/subjects. Anyway, I think either case, if we can read faster without sacrificing the retention rate, it is definitely an advantage


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