Monday, September 8, 2014

Would Alibaba Breaks The IPO History?

Alibaba IPO
If you have not already know, after rounds of ding-donging, Alibaba Group is finally confirmed to be listed in New York (US) in probably the biggest IPO in the United States.
Following are some brief stats of Alibaba Group's IPO :
Business  : eCommerce (Largest in China)

Estimated Fund To Be Raised : US$21.1 billions (S$26 billions)

Expected Stock Price Range : US$60 to US$66 (valued at nearly $156 billions)
[more than eBay, LinkedIn and Twitter combined]

Expected To Begin Trading On : 19th September 2014

With its mammoth size, the question is would it breaks the IPO history of United States? before that, let's look at the Top 10 largest IPO in the world history :

1. Agbank (The Agricultural Bank of China) - raised US$22.1 billions in Hong Kong and Shanghai (2010)
2. ICBC (Industrial And Commercial Bank of China) - raised US$21.9 billions in Hong Kong and China (2006)
3. AIA Group - raised US$20.5 billions in Hong Kong (2010)
4. Visa Inc - raised US$19.7 billions in New York (2008)
5. NTT DoCoMo - raised US$18.4 billions in Tokyo (1998)
6. General Motors - raised $18.1 billions in New York and Toronto (2010)
7. Enel - raised $17.4 billions in Milan and New York (1999)
8. Facebook - raised US$16 billions in US (2012)
9. NTT - raised US$13.6 billions in Tokyo (1986)
10. Deutsche Telekom - raised US$13 billions in Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo (1996)

Following is an Infographic from The Wall Street Journal on how Alibaba will compare with the other tech giants when it is listed:

What do you think?


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