Sunday, September 21, 2014

Would Tech Stocks Cool Again After The Phenomena Success Of Alibaba IPO?

Alibaba had a phenomena success in their IPO outing on Friday in the New York Stock Exchange and made history (see my post here). Immediately, there is an article in the Invest section of The Sunday Times with the header "Tech stocks are cool again with Alibaba listing". (by Rachael Boon).

Of course, talk about Tech Stocks, some of the big names like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple etc.. come to mind. To me these are still solid household name tech stocks with vast potential. The articles citing some of the local tech stocks like Acma (A01), Creative Technology (C76), Sarine Technologies (U77) and Trek 2000 International (5AB). Personally, I am not too familiar with these tech stocks and hence not here to share my view about their potential (or whether they will be cool again?).

What I can say is that the success of Alibaba (now or future) has nothing to do with other tech stocks, hence, even it might triggered some sense of coolness among the similar stocks, even spike (if any) will be temporary. Hence, let's not read too much into the success of one single stock and focus on the fundamental of the business. Of course, it would be different story if your are a trader and not an investor. 

What is your view about tech stocks? 


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