Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Would You Be Interested To See More Local Personal Finance Related Infographic?

I am a fan of Infographics, in fact had tried to create a few of my very own Infographics in my other movie related blog (continue reading to find out more). So, I have been thinking whether readers of this blog would be interested to see such infographics in local personal finance context?
The main reason that I like about infographic is because  of its ease of conception as most of the time the infographics are presented in a fun and attractive graphical way. Of course, it takes time to create such infographics but if my readers are keen to see more of such infographics on local personal finance aspact, I don't mind spending sometime in researching and creating some infographics for sharing.
In case you are not sure what is Infographic, check out the definition as indicated in the image on top and following is the example of Movie Infographic that I've created last year in one of my movie blog (Ultimate 3D Movies) :
So, what do you think? Would you like to see more such infographics?


  1. Replies
    1. CW8888 : Thanks for YES for fast... That's very motivating and I will sure to create one soon... stay tuned! ;-)

  2. YES! I saved this bookmark : http://piktochart.com/ but haven't really got the chance to do one yet :) maybe you can explore it too.

    1. Hi LP, thanks for the link, I do aware of this tool but I am satisfied to use MS Powerpoint to create one ;-)

  3. Hi Richard

    This is cool stuff man.

    Waiting to see your posts on it.

    1. Hi B, thanks a million! Will sure to post my very first personal finance Infographic when it is ready ;-)


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