Sunday, October 5, 2014

3 Investing Lessons I Learnt From Line Walker (HK Drama Series)

Line Walker
I am a movie buff and occasionally I do watch the TV drama series too. As I always said, there is always other stuff to focus on besides investing ;-) One particular popular Hong Kong drama series, The Line Walker (使徒行者) had caught our (my and my wife) eyes and we've been "chasing" every single episodes religiously since it started about one month plus ago. 

The story revolves around under-covers and bad cops. The interesting part is its clever plot and mysterious plot that makes the audience guessing who are the real under-covers and who are the bad cops.The final episode has just been released two days ago and we managed to get a closure to it immediately. 

There are always something to learn from movies and TV series and we can apply them in real life. Following are the 3 Investing Lessons I've learnt from Line Walker :

1. Regardless of how good/capable we think we are, there is/are someone else who are better. Same thing applies to applying our investing strategies, we might think that our way is the best and most reliable way but there is/are always someone else who can do it even better.  

2. To dig deeper, you need to get close to the targets. In investing, there is no life-and-death risk involved (like in the case of the under-covers) but it is still critical to get into the "inside" of the company. Of course, we can do it now online with just a few click of the buttons.  Head down to the "Company Announcement" of the SGX site and all the relevant company activities are being displayed there.     

3. When it's time to sacrifice, just do it. In investing, we cannot be right 100% of time, so when it is time to cut loses, just do it!

Back to the series, personally think that this is one of the best Hong Kong drama series in the recent years.


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