Wednesday, October 1, 2014

3 Investing Lessons I Learnt From LTA's Thoughtfulness Campaign

LTA Thoughtfulness campaign
If you are a regular public transport commuter (especially the North-East Line train), I believed you will take notice of the recent campaign by Land Transport Authority in promoting graciousness on public transport.
There are 5 pretty cute animation characters with tongue-in-cheek names to promote different gracious acts i.e.
Move-In Martin
Stand-Up Stacy
Give-way Glenda
Bag-down Benny and
Hush-hush Hannah
These tongue-in-cheek mnemonic names help us remember what they actually stands for. Very thoughtful right? It is rightly so since it is suppose to promote thoughtfulness in you!
So, what kind of Investing Lesson that I can learn from this LTD campaign? Here we go..
1. Practice common sense - These thoughtfulness acts are common sense and even without such reminder, we know they are the right thing to do. Just like in investing, we need to practice more common sense like i) Invest within your means i.e. avoid leveraging, ii) you can't be always right in stock selection etc...
2. Constant reminder to our core is important - Human being are forgetful creatures (intentionally or unintentionally) and hence it is important to constantly remind ourselves on our core (objective) in life (or investing). This will minimise the chance of us being lost in the jungle of life (or our investing journey).
3. Size does matter - The campaign banners/stickers are everywhere and I saw one humongous banner covering almost one-third of the Raffles Hospital building (near Bugis area), you just can't miss it. Just like in investing, size (investable capital or war chest) does matter!

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