Friday, October 31, 2014

A Small Milestone At A Time - Thank You All!

TGIF! Wish all have a great weekend ahead.
After slightly more than 7 months later (since the born of this humble blog), I am pleased to share my excitement in reaching a small milestone i.e. crossing the 100,000 pageviews yesterday! It is not an huge achievement by any standard but it is still something that make me smile ;-)
Hence, I like to take this opportunity (post) to thank all who have visited my blog! THANKS!
So, what did I do to "celebrate" this small milestone? I think some of you might have guess it, I went to watch a movie called "John Wick" (by Keanu Reeves) with a friend. More about the movie in a later post but it is recommended for those who like old-fashion gun fights movie (think along the line of movies by John Woo).
Hope I can share more milestone achievements with you folks soon.


  1. Congratulations Richard!
    Cheers for more to come! :)

    -The IA

  2. Congrats Richard.

    Thats a fast 100,000 milestone to reach!!!

    1. B : Thanks! I think you and a few other peer bloggers contributed much to my achievement. ;-)


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