Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Are You Playing Trick Or Treat With Your Investment?

trick or treat halloweenHalloween is just around the corner, are you getting yourself ready to enjoy the spooky night party or trick-or-treat game by the kiddos? Personally, I am not that into this Ang Moh ghost festival but don't mind watching one or two horror/ghost movie(s) during this festive season.
Talking about Trick-Or-Treat game, are you playing it with your investment portfolio? Don't understand what I meant? Allow me to explain further....
You are TREATING your investment if you are...
1. Reviewing your investment portfolio/strategy on regular basis and making the necessary adjustment, if deemed fit (minimally quarterly) ;
2. Constantly learning/improving your Personal Finance knowledge/skills by reading and attending relevant courses/seminars ;
3. Detaching your emotion with the market sentiments, as far as possible (this will allow you to sleep better at nights) ;
4. Always keeping a sum of war chest on standby - opportunities knock on the door of those who are READY ;-)
On the other hand, you are TRICKING your investment if you are...
Doing the opposite of the above ;-)
So, wanna play TRICK-OR-TREAT? HoooHoooHooo... wait, why I sounded like Santa Claus? lol


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