Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bloomberg App - The Only Market News App You Need!

Bloomberg AppsOne of the main daily routine for most investors is to READ, from annual reports to financial blogs. With the widespread of mobile devices, we are constantly reading on the go. Just the other day, one of my friend recommended to me an market news app that I thought it is fitting to share it here. I know, most of you folks might have already been using it umpteen years ago.
Yes, the app that I am talking about it is the Bloomberg app! It supports all mobile devices OS, including Blackberry and Windows Phone. You can enjoy massive international market news in the form of articles, video as well as audio.
After downloaded the app to my iPad mini for about a week, I totally enjoyed the reading experience and if you have not downloaded the app yet, it is highly recommended.
If you are not using the Bloomberg app now, what market news app are you using now (if any)?


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