Monday, October 6, 2014

Bulim Package Could Transform Our Public Transport Industry

Bulim Package
I read the news on last Saturday that Singapore Government is making a huge step towards overhauling our very own public bus industry, in the form of Bulim Package

Bulim is an upcoming new depot to be built off Jurong West Avenue 2 and the Bulim Package is a tender for operators to run a package of routes for 5 years, starting 2016. (There are estimated 26 bus services operating from Bukit Batok, Clementi and Jurong East). 

Soon, the current duopoly (held by SBS Transit and SMRT) will be broken up and personally think that it is the right time to shake up the Public Transport Industry here. From the report, the tender is expected to attract about a dozen bids, mostly from oversea firms (e.g. Britain, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and China). 

Bulim Package
Bulim Package
Immediately, my "investor" mind came into play and noted down the following potential effect :

1. Going forward, SBS Transit (S61) and SMRT (S53) got to buck up as their businesses will definitely be affected with the new competitor(s) coming into the scene. 

2. This could just be a start, soon, there may be even more such packages and hence it could transform the overall public transport system (at least the public bus industry) in Singapore. Also, those tender winner(s) could launch their IPO here (ok, maybe I am thinking a bit too far here...)

3. It could be a signal of booming business for those involved in the petrol and heavy vehicle (bus) repair/maintenance sector.

Of course, these are just my personal take of the issue and there is no supporting evidence whatsoever, yet!



  1. Vicom came into my engg too!

    1. Hi David, I think you are spot on! Are you vested in these 2 counters? ;-)

    2. Not yet Richard. They are on my watch list. : )


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