Friday, October 24, 2014

Interactive Infographic - Cool Help To Start Your Investing Better

TGIF! Hope you folks have a great weekend ahead of you!
I don't usually share post from other blog but today I chanced upon a great post from The FifthPerson which I thought would be helpful for my readers especially newbie investors.
The title of the post is "9 Quick Steps To Help You Start Investing Better", it is a cool interactive infographic post of which users can branch in further on each of the steps for more details.
As a brief sneak-peek, following are the 9 steps shared :
1. Understand Why You Should Invest
2. Reduce Your Monthly Expenses
3. Understand the Stock Market
4. Stay Within Your Circle of Competent
5. Avoid Common Mistakes By Investors
6. Develop Independent Thinking
7. Ignore daily News Hype
8. Manage Your Stock Portfolio
9. Continue Learning To Get Better
Of course, these are just the brief headers, you need to check out the original post (click here) to find out more details for each of the steps. It is just a click away...
P/S : Halloween is around the corner, this is the upcoming CSI theme Halloween event at Downtown East (click on the image to find out more) :


  1. Thanks, Richard. Of all the points, I like the point of continuous learning, it should be the trait of all investors.

    1. Tom Tom Tom : very true, if I were to pick one, that would be it too. Btw, have a great weekend


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