Sunday, October 19, 2014

Investing Lesson I've Learnt From Cute Little Penguins

Phillip Island
Early this year, went to Melbourne with wife for a short trip and one of the tourist attraction that we've visited is Phillip Island, the place to view the Penguin Parade. It was an amazing experience in witnessing such cute little animals parading (in orderly manner) back to the shore and their respective "nest" (each of the penguin seems to have their own nest and they managed to find their own way home).

Even though it was a bit dark but we still can see them emerging from the sea afar and slowly inching towards the shore. It is as if they have went through some sort of pre-training whereby they managed to swim-then-walk towards the shore by batches and parade pass the audience via two designated sand path. 

So, what is it got to do with investing? 

Through this experience, I think we can learn something (about investing) from these cute little creatures, they are :

1.  Always remember to find our path HOME! At times, due to greed or psychological play, we lost ourselves within the jungle of the massive financial market and might be eaten alive by the inner monster called "GREED". It is always important to constantly remind ourselves of our original "purpose" of investing and stay on-track to our core values. If the penguins can do it, so can us ;-)

2. We need a system in investing. I don't know how the cute little creatures did it but when come to investing, we need to create our very own system (tactic/strategy) in our very own investing journey.

3. We need allies in our investing journey. I believed one of the reason why the penguins parading in group is to give them a sense security. Same thing for investing, at times we might not see the blind spots and hence it would be good to bounce it off with some of your liked minded friends. I guess that's why the stock forums and blogs are still quite "in" at the moment.

I hope your folks have a great and relaxing Sunday.



  1. How many retail investors know their core value in their investing to create system?

    Lost forever and no home coming?


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