Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kungfu Jungle - Don't Judge A Movie By Its Title (Same Thing For Stocks Too)

Courtesy of (a local Social Network that making a buzz in the region), managed to catch the premiere of the upcoming martial art movie : Kungfu Jungle (一个人的武林) last night. To be frank, if not because of this invitation, I will give this movie a miss (even though I am a movie buff) in view of the last few poor outings by Donnie Yen.

To my utter surprise, I enjoyed this movie very much. It is a true Kungfu movie at its core. Besides the powerful and beautifully chereographed fighting scenes (and there are quite a number of them), the suspenseful plot (brewing between the two key characters) also increase the entertainment value of the movie. To top it off, some of the famous old-timer kungfu movie stars are making their cameo in the movie which is cool (sort of a tribute to their contribution to the kungfu movies in the past). So, do stay back after the end of the movie as each of them will be individually introduced during the ending-credit scene. If you are "old" enough, I am sure you will recognise some of them.

Through this experience, I've learnt two valuable lessons :
1. Never judge a movie by its (poor) movie title ;
2. Poor previous results doesn't mean that future performance will be poor (the reverse is true too)

In fact, same lessons applied to investing too i.e. when we are picking the stocks. Don't you think so? Based on your experience, can you share one or two stocks that fit the above two elements?

I know some of the personal finance bloggers (you know who you are) here have keen interest in martial art, Kungfu Jungle is highly recommended.

For more details about the movie, check it out below :

Directed by Teddy Chan and starring Donnie Yen (the famous martial art actor from Hong Kong), Wang Bao Qiang (China) and Bai Bing (China). Short synopsis : A martial arts instructor from the police force gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom

Trailer of Kungfu Jungle :


  1. Very powerful 內功. Injured also can use his/her own 內功 to do self healing. Sometime, can use own 內功 to heal others too.

    Go see in the movies?

    Same same in investing.

    Powerful 內功 is what?

    1. CW8888 : As always, your comment is super cryptic. But yes, 內功 is featured in the movie too... ;-)

  2. Hi Richard! Just dropping by to say hi since i am new to the financial blogging scene. Anyway, i always thought donnie yen is a sure win after ip man.. For investing, FA and TA are both based on historical trends and analysis so a turnaround is pretty hard to notice!

    1. Quick. Get an interview. Something Richard waited long. LOL!

    2. Hi Jes : Thanks for dropping by! You are absolutely right, that's why FA and TA is not sure win or 100% guarantee too ;-) Oh, as per the naughty CW8888 indicated, if you are interested to be featured in my interview series, just drop me an email ;-)

      Hi CW8888 : Thank you for helping me to promote my blog seires ah! hehe

    3. Thanks guys.. you all make me laugh! Haha.

      Hey Richard, I know your interview series.. need to think of good answers, not easy. Plus, i not pro enough.. need to learn more first :)

    4. Hi Jes : ya, cw8888 is very pandai making people laugh with his short and sweet and cryptic comment.. So, u may want to get ready some tissue paper (in case you laugh until tear come out)! Lol

      As for the interview series, no worry, we all start somewhere, somehow, the key is not to share the success (only) but to share the experience. Just email me whenever u feel ready ;-)

  3. All major studios look to popular films to remake when it would actually make more sense to redo a film that originally failed. That way you could improve on it.

    1. I know where you are coming from, I guess it is a matter of lacking confidence with the failed movies ;-)


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