Sunday, October 26, 2014

Library@Orchard - My First Impression

Being an avid reader, library-visiting is one of my favourite pastime especially during the weekend. After 7 years lapse, Library@Orchard is finally back and creating buzz in the Orchard area. Library@Orchard is now located at Orchard Gateway (Level 3 and 4) and was officially opened on last Thursday (23rd October 2014). 

Yesterday, after the movie (Premiere of "Book Of Life"), decided to make a last minute visit to the Library@Orchard and this is my first impression : The design/layout is trendy and classy but the theme-based placement of books make it a challenge for the readers to find the books. Example of the theme are People, Space, Product and Visual (and Advertising books are actually located within the Visual section). 

The main collection of books/publications are about design and applied arts, hence the fitting motto : "Design Is For Everyone". I tried to ask the librarian whether there is any collection of personal finance books and she just mentioned that I might be able to find some in the "People" and "Lifestyle" section. Of course, I failed to find any. In short, if you are looking for personal finance or investing related books, you might want to check out National Library (at Bras Basah) instead. 

Having said that, it is still a pleasant experience to admire the sleek design and layout. Oh, I quite like the way they place their magazines and DVDs (see photos below).

Following are some photos taken :
The Motto at the entrance of Library@Orchard
The cool DVD racks
The Library@Orchard Brochure 1
The Library@Orchard Brochure 2

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