Friday, October 3, 2014

Met A Young Chap With A Plan To Change The Retail Investors Scene...Soon!

I've blog about it before, one of the greatest achievement for me in creating this blog is able to meet like-minded new friends (mostly with much more knowledge/experience to share with me) and stay connected with some (online or offline).  
Courtesy  of my blog, yesterday, met up a young chap (let's call him W) for lunch for the first time. It is always exciting to meet new friends (at least to me). He is one of the reader of my blog and because of one of my post (click here to read THE post if you are interested), he sent me an email to introduce himself and numerous email exchanges ensued...and the rest are history ;-)
W is an undergrad (in Accounting) and also a co-founder (with 4 others partners) of one upcoming Stock Investment platform (Stokflok, you can check out their blog here) that has potential to change the scene in local Retail Investment scene. There are great amount of two-ways sharing about my personal investing experiences/strategy as well as the potential values that this upcoming platform will bring to the retail investors here. It is always inspiring to talk/chat with people with dreams and act on them.
I am looking forward to the launch of their first brainchild (tentatively by the end of this year) and personally think that it will be beneficial for retail value investors here. So, stay tuned and I will share more information soon.
W : All the best!
P/S : 4 days after the launch of my Mailing List subscriptions, I've managed to get 6 subscribers! Not bad at all (ok, ok, I am a simple guy and get contented easily ;-)). If you are interested to receive regular updates from me, do subscribe to my mailing list by filling up the form at the end of this post.
Thanks in advanced!


  1. Hi Richard,

    I exchanged emails with W sometime back (I think its the same person). Let me know if you are meeting him again, we can have a drink and share our ideas.


    1. Hi Derek,

      Sure! He will be more than happy to meet us, again.. If not, we also can meet up to lim kopi or meal ;-)


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