Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Compilation Of Singapore REITS (Part 1)

REITSAs per my earlier post on my review of the book that I've read : Building Wealth Through REITS, I intend to create a checklist on what I've read about REITS (again, late is better than never) and share it out with my readers. Hence this post!
Prior to this, I decided to obtain a snapshot of what are the available REITs in Singapore at the moment (luckily, there are only 33 of them and hence not so taxing in compiling them). I've also obtained some high-level indicators (Market Cap, Indicative Dividend Yield etc..).
I believed such compilation is available in some other blogs/sites but in case you are new to REITS like me, this might be useful :
1. Different types of REITS are segregated by different color codes.
2. Within each RETIS, it was sorted by the "Historical Dividend Yield" (descending order)
This is only Part 1, I will continue to update with more other key indicators and do a more in-depth fundamental analysis on the more interesting ones (like Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail [D51U], Ascendas Hospitality [Q1P] etc..)
Stay tuned for the subsequent updates...


  1. Nice compilation! Looking forward to your part 2 and analysis!

    1. GMGH : Thanks for the encouragement, sure! Stay tuned!


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