Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Housing Loan - Yet Another Sharing

My Housing Loan
As per my earlier post, one of the cool thing about blogging is to be able to share stuff that I like or find it interesting/useful. What I am going to share next is NOT something that "I am asking for it" but it's a great stuff and came directly to me ;-)

Last Thursday, I received an email from R of My Housing Loan  (after stumbling upon my humble blog) and looking for possible link exchange. After checking out his site and noticed that it is not directly related to the theme of this blog and hence I've countered proposed that instead of link exchange, I will write a post about his site (which I find it might benefit some of the readers here) and hence...this post. 

My Housing Loan is a one-stop home loan portal that help their customers to source for optimal home loan (new purchase or refinancing) in completely DIY manner (in 3 simple steps). Oh, they do provide face to face home loan consultation services too. 

I especially like some of their online calculation tools which you can use it freely (like Housing Loan Monthly Repayment Calculator, Property Stamp Duty Calculator etc..), just head down to their Resource page for more details.    

That's it for now!


Note : This is not a sponsored post, I do it just for sharing!    

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