Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Open Review Of MeetInvest Platform

It's a cooling Saturday here and hope that you folks have a great Saturday and long weekend (many of you might be enjoying life now in another part of the city, like a few of my personal friends did, take full advantage of the long weekend). 

If you are an active retail investor-cum-blogger, I believed you might also received email invitation from Hendry Soong (Relationship Manager Asia of MeetInvest). At the moment, MeetInvest is at its pre-launch (or should I say soft-launch stage), am one of the lucky few in getting know this upcoming niche social media platform (investing niche) and have an first hand experience with it. 

Hence, decided to write an open review about this upcoming platform. 

1. What is MeetInvest all about? 

It is a niche social media platform that allow users to create your own profile and interact with other users, you can create your own "Groups" and invite other users to join the groups like an online community club. Think along the line of Facebook and its Page function. 

2. What is/are cool about MeetInvest Platform?

a. The Insight feature - It is a comprehensive knowledge database that covers many aspects of investing. They have cleverly broken down the knowledge (strategies/tips/do and don't) into the following 4 segments :
(i) What 
(ii) How
(iii) When
(iv) Become A Great Investor 

b. With its minimalist User Interface (UI) and close resemblances to the one used by Facebook and Google Plus, it makes screen navigation an intuitive one. 

c. The platform's response time is fast.

3.  What is/are Not So cool about MeetInvest Platform?

a. Missing Important feature :
(i) Re-position of image before uploading into the "Cover Image"

b. Find that the text font size is a bit too small and the main display can be expanded to cover more area (hmmm... maybe it is because of my age ;-))

c. The user base is still small - but this will set to change after its official launch. Maybe MeetInvest should invite more users for the soft-launch.   

d. During the registration stage, there is a prompt (see below) to ask for your interests. However, there is no explanation/description of how these interests will be used subsequently e.g. to filter some news/insights according to the interests that we have selected etc..

Any new platform need to go through a phase of evolution (just like Facebook, if you are looking back to their very first version now, you might not be interested to take a second look). I am a proponent of social media platform and I am looking forward to the new buzz to be created by this upcoming niche social media platform.  



  1. I welcome this new platform as well as I really feel that retail investors should have ready access to stock information to help them in planning their trades and investments!

    1. Hi Tom, Cool! Same thinking here. Let's see whether it can create enough buzz when it is officially launch later.


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