Saturday, October 18, 2014

Singapore REITS Cycles (2002 Till Now)

While in the midst of compiling the checklist from the book : Building Wealth Through REITS that I've read (click here to see my earlier post on this), there is an important section about Singapore REITS cycle which I thought is meaningful to share for those newbies (like me) who are interested in REITS. All the way from 2002, where Singapore's first REITS, CapitaMall Trust (CMT) was launched till now. 

According to the author, for the past 12 years, the Singapore REITS cycle can basically broken down into three major phases i.e. :

BULL Phase (2002 to 2007)
Singapore REITS Bull Phase : 2002 to 2007
BEAR Phase - Panic Sell Down (2008 to 2009)
Singapore REITS Bear Phase : 2008 to 2009
STABILITY Phase (2010 onward)
Singapore REITS Stability Phase : 2010 to Now

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