Tuesday, October 7, 2014

STI Is As Hazy As Yesterday's PSI

Yesterday, we are experiencing the worst haze situation in the recent months, the highest PSI reading was 150+ (which is unhealthy level). Today, the situation improved a bit and the latest 3-hours average PSI is at 68, which is healthy level. 

However, the other "I" that most retail investors will be interested aka STI is as hazy as yesterday's PSI. Today, STI closed at 3,243.99 (dropped 9.25 points). If you ask me, my take is that STI will continue to be on lethargic stage till the end of the year and STI will hover around 3,200 points  by year end (don't quote me, this is just my thinking out loud guesstimate ;-)) 

Oh, by the way, I just discovered an interesting and simple site trying to estimate the real and up-to-date Singapore PSI (instead of the 3-hours average), if you are interested, check it out here.  

PSI Reading 
What is your view about PSI, oops, I meant STI?  


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