Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Investing "Warning Signboard" Would You Write To The Newbie Investors?

This morning, went to the Mount Faber Park (for the record, this is my first time there, can you imagine that ;-)) with the main intention to explore the Henderson Wave Bridge (has intention to pay it a visit for quite sometime and finally made it). 

I don't drive and hence took the MRT till HarbourFront Station and walk up to the Mount Faber Park via the Marang Trail. Before the start of the trail, I saw a funny waning signboard (on the left) telling the people what NOT to do (like do not feed the monkeys, do not go near the monkeys etc.) which triggered me to write this post. 

So, if you have your say, what will be your investing "Warning Signboard" says? For example, following will be my investing "Warning Signboard" :

1. DO NOT invest with excessive leverage

2. DO NOT invest purely based on hear-say

Now, over to you... ;-P

Oh wait, how cane go Henderson Wave Bridge without taking photos right? Following are some photos taken during this morning's expedition:  

The start of the Henderson Wave Bridge
As usual, the proof that I am here ;-)
Henderson Wave Bridge - not so crowded
Apparently not that high from sea level
The shot along the way 1
Shot along the way 2 : the egg and me
Shot along the way 3 : I like this sculpture 
Shot along the way 3 : the colorful steps


  1. We have to write our own Warning Signboard.

    Wa Ka Li Kong not much use!

    1. Cw8888 : if good to warn ourselves it is good to warn others too. So, your waning signboard will read something like "do not follow warning sign as there is no use"? Hahhaha

    2. Do Not Follow Signboard written by others as they may not for you.

      Monkeys see. Monkeys do. End up in Monkeys business.


    3. Hahaha, but I am focusing on what NOT to do lar.. Lol
      Of course, ultimately still need to go through own judgement to follow or not lor.. Just like the Mt Faber Park's sign, there is an item on do not bring plastic bag, don't think it is feasible and people will follow ;-p


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