Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Which Investing Decision Is The Toughest For You To Make?

Come and think of it, if we were to exclude those nitty gritty and detailed stuff of analysis (be it Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis), when comes to stock investing, there are actually only 4 core decision we (as retail investors) need to make.   

So, what are these? Let me briefly go through them...

1. Decision To Buy - This include WHAT and WHEN to buy?

2. Decision To Sell - This include WHEN to sell and at WHAT price?

3. Decision To Hold - Value Investors will practice this very well as they will hold the stocks for the long term.

4. Decision To Wait - This is where the investor accumulating their war chest and at a look out for the opportunity to strike, this is slightly different from the "Decision To Hold". 

At your current investing journey, which one if the toughest for your to make? For me, it is the "Decision To Buy" as usually I need to spend more time in making this decision.


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  1. One easy way is to follow your favourite bloggers and buy 5 cts cheaper. LOL!

    1. Cw8888 : hahaha... Too many favorite bloggers Liao and too "easy way out", still like the process of self analyzing even though it is more time consuming. But I will still use other favorite bloggers' indication as cross reference as I might missed out some blind spot..

    2. Follow all your favourite bloggers and diversify your buying at 5 cents lower, on average you will win.

      You huat more by averaging bloggers huat stocks.

      Hee Hee!

    3. Hahaha.. I got not so much billet lor! Hehehe

  2. Hi Richard,

    Isn't 3 and 4 a derivative of 1 and 2? Your thoughts?

    1. Hi LP: when I write the post my thinking of 1, 2 and 3 are more of relating to the decision on specific counters but 4 is more of general market sentiment related.. So, there is slight difference ;-)

  3. temperament : Hahaha... ya, buy or sell also need to see timing one. As for the family we are born, I am afraid, we got to live with it ;-)

  4. Hahaha.. my England is not that powderful too. I got what you meant. I must say that we are very lucky to be born during this modernized era, last weekend, I went to the National Museum and saw all the history of Singapore which make me even more treasure what we've got now! ;-)


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