Saturday, October 11, 2014

You Should Skip A Meal And Attend This Seminar!!!

One of the interesting and satisfying element of blogging (as far as I am concern) is to SHARE stuff that I personally find it interesting or useful. What I am going to share next is something that I am asking for it (more about this in the later part of the post)!

If you are active in the local personal finance blogging community, you might have already know that there is an upcoming seminar called "Personal Finance Investment Seminar" to be conducted early next year (more details below). I have seen the seminar program and their speaker lists, it is truly a seminar for the retail investors by the retail investors. 

So, why did I say that "I am asking for it" in the earlier part of the post? Being a "new kid on the blog (financial)", I thought besides sharing the event plainly, if I can get some special rate for my readers, that would be ideal. Hence, I've written to the organizer of the event thick-skin-ly for the special rate. Thanks to Roland (I believed he is one of the co-organizer), my request is accepted and hence this post. ;-)

Seminar Details :       
Event                : Personal Financial Investment Seminar
Date                  : 17th Jan 2015 (Saturday)
Time                 : 12.30 pm to 5.50 pm
Venue               : NTUC Auditorium (1 Marina Boulevard, S(018989))
Ticket Price     : SGD16 (check below for the discounted price for my readers)
Speakers          :
1. Jared Seah - Owner of Singapore Man Of Leisure blog

2. Calvin Yeoh - Owner of Dr Wealth website

3. Lionel Yeo - Owner of Cheerful Egg. I did an interview with Lionel before, click here for the interview post

4. Alvin Chow - Owner of Big Fat Purse site. I did an interview with Alvin before, click here for the interview post. I've also attended his Value Investing Mastery Course and find that he is a very down to earth and sincere young chap/trainer.

5. Dr Tee - Owner of Ein55

What do my blog readers get?
For a limited time only (until 30th November 2014, Sun), you can get 50% off by keying in "IOFRIEND" in the coupon code box. In short, you are paying only SGD8 (just the average cost for a meal in Singapore, hence the blog title). To find out more details of the seminar and register, click on the image below:

I encourage my readers to go attend this seminar as you can really see for yourselves how those pioneer retail investors/bloggers made it in their personal financial investment journey and how it is like to be THERE (achieving financial freedom)! Too bad I can't confirm my attendance at this moment, if my schedule permits, I will sure to drop by and say hello to the speakers!


P/S : This is not a sponsored post even though I sounded a bit hard sell! ;-p


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