Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being Rich Is Not About Achieving The Numbers But Transforming The Mindset

WealthI came across two articles yesterday on how to calculate your wealth or make it more blunt, to determine whether you are rich or not. One is from our local popular personal finance blog, A Path To Forever Financial Freedom (click here to view B's post) and the other is from Business insider Singapore's (click here to view).
This post is inspired from these two articles.
Both are interesting articles to ascertain for ourselves whether we have ACHIEVED the numbers (whatever it is) to be deemed as wealthy or rich. It is good to just for reference and not dwell too much into the numbers, for that matter, whether we passed the 'test" or not. 
Following are my personal view :
1. Whether we passed the 'test" or not does not does not change our lifestyle or how we live our life. in short, it doesn't means that because we pass the 'test", you will/can change your lifestyle justifiably to act like a rich man (or lady). The fast cars, the yacht, the super fine dinning etc...
2. Being rich is subjective and relative. it depends on who and where you are and the standard of living that you had in mind. For example, for some, with $1 million wealth is already considered rich but others might view that they are still not rich enough with $10 millions wealth. Hence, it is a lot to do with our mindset.
3. When come to wealth, money is not the ONLY element, we should also focus on HEALTH and SPIRITUAL/SOUL (the inner part of us).
4. Able to smiles/feeling happy regularly is more important than having loadful of gold or digits in your vault/ bank accounts. of course, most of us would want to have both ;-) 
I am sure many of you might not be agreeable with me but that's fine because we are dealing with subjective matter here ;-)
What is your view about being rich/wealthy?


  1. Like running, jogging, or walking cum jogging a marathon race; one can do it in whatever form; but one still have to reach the finishing line by the official closing time.

    Otherwise, anyone can claim to do a marathon race. Right?

    1. CW8888 : At times, we are marathon against ourselves and not others ;-)

    2. Yeap!

      But, still have to reach the finishing line by the official closing time.

      Cannot do own self, own target and go around telling people that we do a marathon race.

    3. True! But that's unless we are equating creating wealth as a competition with others. I rather do it own time own target and at times relax at one corner ;-p

    4. Yes. You can do at your own time own target without no official distance finishing line or closing time.

      But, just don't go around telling people you are doing a marathon race.

      Just tell people you are running or jogging for fun. Right?

    5. CW8888 : okok, I will just keep it to myself will do! ;-P

  2. an interesting post !

    of the 3 points you mentioned, i am more keen on 3) spiritual wealth

    This is an area that is debatable and one that has received increasing attention from scientists worldwide.The more i read up and experienced it personally, I begin to see the truth in what the authors been saying.

    We read in papers daily about how some are being remembered for who they were and not because they were kin of billionaire. Has this person made a difference in your life?

    When it is our turn, what would others say about you ? Nothing wrong absolutely with making money and being rich, that to me is already a given resource by the Universe. It is a question of redeeming it from above. Let the unbelievers see the unseen (not yet happen in reality) and hear what they have not heard (some future event).

    Instead of being self reliant, too many of us rely on external help , gurus and what their peers are doing to educate them. And it begins with what we say to ourselves.
    words are powerful as they are crystalized into images in our thoughts and later form into our action and mould our habits.

    In the words of Blake - O what have I said, what have I done O all powerful human words ?

    1. desmond : Thanks for the comment and I am with you on your points! Cheers!

  3. Actually being rich, you have lasting resources to help for long, long time.

    Think those privately run charitable foundations. They are still helping while their founders had long gone.

    1. CW8888 : We can always help other even though we are not wealthy/rich! No?


    2. The huge difference is LASTING help.

      Let all kind hearted men be rich and provide lasting help. LOL!

    3. CW8888 : Support, support, support! Remember to help more ya! lol

  4. Hi Richard

    My view to getting richer I would want to improve my lifestyle in terms of health. This means I want to consume better, less junk foods, work less and exercise more. I am not hurting my health now but I know it can be better :)

    1. Hi B : very cool! Keep going for both health and wealth ;-)


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